Welcome to my world! I am excited to see you here! You are probably wondering who I am and why are you reading this. So let me briefly introduce myself – my name is Lena and design is something I love the most (and everything that revolves around it). I believe that without creativity our world would become black and white, and very boring. Even when I was studying in an art school, I always wanted to create something unusual, something unlike anything else, in order to stand out from the crowd.

“If I will be the same as everyone, who will be the same as me?” – this is my motto!

As you already noticed, I am a very creative person and it really shows in everything I do. May it be a complex project or a simple presentation – new ideas are constantly popping up in my head, and I just can’t help it. Everything that surrounds me, attracts me – from the riot of colors of nature, to varieties of forms, to diversity of human characters. Attention to detail, appreciation of elegance and beauty (both in form and function) is something that I always strive for.

Design is what I am very passionate about, an I want to share all my knowledge and achievements with you.

Please use a contact form below to get in touch me and let’s create something exciting!


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